Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf House Blend Whole Bean Light Roast Premium Coffee 1-Pound Bag

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  • Light roast coffee, blended from Costa Rican, Colombian, and Brazilian beans
  • Subtle fruity aroma, smooth honey flavor with a buttery finish
  • 16-oz. Whole Bean coffee, vacuum-packed in resealable bag and freshness dated

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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf House Blend Whole Bean Light Roast Premium Coffee 1-Pound Bag

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf House Blend Whole Bean Light Roast Premium Coffee 1-Pound Bag

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf House Blend Whole Bean Light Roast Premium Coffee 1-Pound Bag

Product description

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

AtThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the art of crafting the best tasting coffee requires respecting each individual roast. Knowing the specific origin and roast degree for each coffee allows for intense flavor that can be traced back to its earliest beginnings. Many coffee companies claim to search the world for the finest coffees, yet very few do. Our Coffee Master, Jay Isais, goes to the source of our coffee to ensure it is the highest quality obtainable on earth. The partners who prepare our coffee at every level are extremely passionate people committed to providing ‘Simply the Best’ coffee to our customers. Quality has always been our No. 1 priority, and it will never be compromised.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Coffee, whole bean, ground,

Passion for Coffee & tea Since 1963

We believe that buying from the best estates and small farms leads to the very best coffee. We use only the top 1% of the Arabica Beans found at altitudes up to 6,000 feet, which results in a more concentrated flavor.

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CBTL House Blend

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Espresso Roast

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Ethiopia Coffee

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Mocha Java

House Blend Whole Bean

To create our House Blend we combine natural and washed Central and South American coffees. We choose our blends for brightness, flavor, and aromas that make for a smooth, satisfying cup of coffee that can be enjoyed all day long.

Espresso Roast Whole Bean

We built our business on this signature blend. To create our Espresso Roast Blend, we roast four select origin coffees to perfection, then combine them to create the perfect base for our espresso drinks. Our Espresso Roast Blend is expressive and subtle enough to be enjoyed as a straight shot, yet assertive enough for the perfect latte.

Ethiopia Yirgareffe Whole Bean

We offer Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, picked by hand on a farm in the mountains high above the town of Sidamo. There, the coffee beans are washed, and then soaked up to 72 hours in fermentation tanks. This wet process method produces intensely flavorful beans, with an intensely floral aroma, and mellow, smooth taste.

Mocha Java Whole Bean

Mocha Java is the world’s original coffee blend. Our interpretation combines sweet, fruity Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with the deep body and rich flavor of Java Estate coffees. The result has long been praised by coffee aficionados around the world.

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Jasmine Dragon Tea


Amazing Tea starts with carefully nurtured relationships around the world. Tea is the most widely consumed prepared beverage on Earth. And The Coffee Bean & Tea Leafis here to bring you the perfect version of the world’s favorite drink.

CBTL System, lieto, single serve espresso maker


Your Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf favorites are a single button press away with this compact, easy-to-use beverage system. Our brewer is the simple, mess-free way to enjoy our handcrafted taste and quality of your Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf favorites at home. Innovative one-touch technology delivers perfection in every cup using the most advanced Italian brewer technologies perfected by the world-renowned Caffitaly system.

vanilla deluxe powder, coffee, cocoa, cbtl


We searched the world over trying to create the most delicious, richest chocolate beverage ever. If you’ve tasted our Special Dutch chocolate powder, you’ll agree that we’ve succeeded.

Costa Rica Kcups Keurig


Each capsule contains The Coffee Bean & Tea Leafhand-selected premium coffees and hand-plucked whole leaf teas. To lock in these delicate aroma and flavor characteristics, every serving of espresso, coffee and tea is freshness-sealed in an internal two-filter system to ensure evenly balanced extraction and optimal flavor.

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